Recreation & Tourism

Alberta's Recreational Base

Greenview’s diverse geography offers adventure and thrill-seekers an experience to remember. Long winding rivers and endless lakes provide unlimited water activity opportunities. mountain peaks and prairie meadows showcase impeccable views of the Rocky Mountains and the untamed wilderness promises an abundance of outdoor activities. Modern, indoor recreation facilities around town add to Greenview’s potential to provide sport and recreation activities year-round. 

Tourism is one of the key industries in Alberta, and with Greenview’s vast potential, investment in tourism is well-positioned to thrive throughout the municipality in the coming years. In addition, the province is committed to supporting tourism growth by providing investors with programs and services focused on facilitating the development of new and enhanced tourism experiences and destinations. 

Wild Blue Yonder Rafting

Destination profiles

Greenview’s extensive network of municipalities creates a connected platform for tourism to thrive. Grande Cache boasts a mountain oasis surrounded by spectacular wilderness and Rocky Mountain peaks, white water and lakes, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, camping and more.

In the northwest area of Greenview, Grovedale and Debolt is home to a network of trails and wilderness that is perfect for hikes, motorized activities, fishing, hunting, camping, and downhill skiing. Valleyview and Fox Creek is made up of a diverse landscape that makes this area perfect for agritourism, fishing, hunting, camping.


the recreational base of alberta

Greenview will always offer a unique tourism opportunity because it grants endless adventures. There is a treasure trove of trails to explore from Greenview's backyard by hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding. Locals spend decades exploring trails ranging anywhere from a short walk around towns to multi day hike expeditions, taking in the Grand landscapes along the way. Take a peek through Sulphur Gates overlooking cliffs from vantage points or visit Muskeg Falls, a 15-minute trail upstream of the Muskeg River. With Greenview’s vast potential, tourism can thrive throughout the municipality.