Greenview’s diverse geography offers adventure and thrill-seekers an experience to remember

Greenview’s diverse geography offers adventure and thrill-seekers an experience to remember. Long winding rivers and endless lakes provide unlimited water activity opportunities. Mountain peaks and prairie meadows showcase impeccable views of the Rocky Mountains and the untamed wilderness promises an abundance of outdoor activities.

Modern, indoor recreation facilities around town add to Greenview’s potential to provide sport and recreation activities year-round.

Greenview Outdoor Recreation

Over 2700 km of Trails

Hike and bike a variety of nature trails, from short treks to extreme multi-day backpacking adventures. Enjoy causal biking or if you are looking for something more radical, visit Nitehawk Adventure Park’s Mountain Biking Park just across the river from Grande Prairie. Journey on a true backcountry horseback riding excursion with a commercial operator or on your own. The area boasts staging areas with corrals for your convenience, giving you access to the pristine Willmore Wilderness Park. From twisted trails to rolling hills, the diverse range of terrain is ideal for off-road enthusiasts plus enjoy kilometers of groomed trails for snowmobiling.

Water Adventures

Abundant lakes, rivers, and creeks wind their way through Greenview. You can find over 20 boat launches giving you access to many of the lakes within the region to enjoy boating, water sports, fishing and swimming. Canoe, kayak, and raft the white waters on the crazy rivers in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Guided river tours are available.

Spectacular Sites

Within the Kakwa Wildland Provincial Park, the Kakwa River cascades 30 metres over Kakwa Falls, rushes through a 4 km canyon, then plunges over the second set of falls, making this the largest waterfall in Alberta. Smaller waterfalls, including the popular Eaton Falls, Muskeg Falls, and Twin Falls are located in the Grande Cache area. A popular attraction and must-see spot in the region is Sulphur Gates. This spectacular viewpoint overlooks the confluence of the Smoky and Sulphur Rivers, showcasing dramatic cliff edges and amazing mountain views. Located a short drive and easy hike from Grande Cache.

Fishing and Hunting

Greenview’s vast area boasts amazing fishing and hunting opportunities. Catch walleye, whitefish, northern pike, and rainbow trout. Catch and release bull trout, Arctic grayling, walleye, pike, and Rocky Mountain whitefish. You are sure to find something in all our lakes, rivers, and creeks.

Greenview has a long hunting season, with large wildlife with big racks/horns and lots of body mass. Find moose, elk, deer, bear, and mountain sheep throughout the region.

Winter Fun

The Nitehawk Adventure Park, just a short drive from Grande Prairie, has an impressive ski and snowboard hill, a luge track, and a tube park for you and your family to enjoy. Experience cross-country skiing and snowshoeing throughout the region from meadows to mountains. Find groomed trails, or make your own. Greenview’s varying terrain and abundant snow also provide a snow haven for snowmobile enthusiasts. Try your luck ice fishing on one of our many lakes, and if you are really adventurous (and experienced), there are even areas north of Grande Cache for ice climbing.