Hub of energy activity

Alberta is the cornerstone of Canada’s oil and gas industry and Greenview has incredible potential, located in the heart of the prairies. Energy development projects are the largest contributor to the provincial GDP, capital investments, and exports.

Alberta’s energy industry provides continuous support for companies committed to advancing the extraction and processing of the region's energy resources through equipment, services, and technology innovations. Thousands of miles of pipeline already transport refined oil and gas, as well as raw materials to larger urban centres in Alberta and the United States with continued efforts to expand pipeline projects further and diversify energy resources.

Access to Industrial land, water, and a skilled workforce, Greenview makes for an ideal location for future expansion of energy resource activities.


  • Greenview sits above Alberta’s liquid-rich DEEP BASIN PLAY

The montney-duvernay potential  

Situated in the heart of the Deep Basin, Greenview is poised to become Alberta’s centre of energy diversification for the future. The Montney Shale Formation is a major natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon and is one of the most active formations being developed in the country. Canada’s National Energy Board places the Montney among the top natural gas basins in the world. Projected to produce over half of Canada’s natural gas by 2040, Montney remains top of mind with North American and global investors with an optimistic outlook on the potentials of hydrogen as an energy source. The Duvernay fields also hold the country’s largest marketable reserves of light shale oil and condensate.

Green Energy

Greenview is a partner in a multi-jurisdictional study led by University of Alberta researchers that has uncovered major geothermal potential along Alberta’s foothills, with Greenview presenting a hotspot of potential development.

Currently Greenview is committed to researching this source of clean energy and harnessing its potential to create opportunities in our region.