Doing Business

Greenview is a vast and diverse area
rich in oil and gas, fertile farmland, winding rivers, mixed wood forests,
and spectacular peaks of the rockies.

Greenview's location is strategically advantageous within Alberta as multiple access routes link internal industries to the west coast harbours, essential to international trade and commerce, while close proximity to the United States, Canada's largest trade partner ensures long-term trade opportunities within North America.

The CANAMEX Trade Corridor that runs through Greenview links local markets to the United States and Mexico. Canada’s extensive rail network ties Greenview’s commodities to ports in both Prince Rupert and Vancouver, British Columbia. Grande Prairie Airport – Alberta’s fourth-largest airport – connects businesses and visitors to destinations within Alberta’s borders and beyond.

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The M.D. of Greenview boasts a spectacular diversity in economic activities and an extraordinary range of landscape, making it very unique. Oil and gas, agriculture, forestry, and tourism form the economic foundation of a geographic area that spans more than 32,000 square kilometres.


Greenview’s economy is strengthened by its diversity and our vast endowment of natural resources, which have transformed into world-class industries. The opportunities for supporting businesses in transportation, information technology, communications, engineering, business, and manufacturing are tremendous.

Quality of Life

Greenview has the space to grow and a business-friendly environment. Not only do we offer incredible investment opportunities, we also take pride in our communities as a great place to live and play. With one of the lowest commercial and industrial tax rates in Alberta, Greenview has a definite competitive edge.

Local Government

The economy of Greenview is thriving. In addition, as part of our commitment to attract business and support the growth of existing businesses, Greenview is facilitating the development of large tracts of land for new industrial parks. The parks are strategically located close to resources and industry activity, with ready access to the region’s transportation systems.

In addition, Alberta has a very competitive tax environment with low income tax rates, no provincial capital taxes or taxes on financial institution, no payroll taxes, no sales tax, and a publicly funded health-care system.


Greenview is strategically located in Alberta, with multiple access routes linking business beyond our borders. Although Alberta is physically land-locked, the national highway and railway systems connect it to many of the country’s major ports. These ports are vital links in Canada’s transportation system and are essential to international trade and commerce.

In addition, passenger, cargo and medical flights fly in and out of the Grande Prairie Airport – Alberta’s fourth largest airport – connecting to destinations within Alberta’s borders and beyond.